Little Paws Rescue Society!

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How It Started

Little Paws Rescue Society started approximately fifteen years ago on the mainland. Julia Beaton and Diana Sinfield were busy fostering and find homes for Papillons and soon became involved in the re-homing of other small dogs in need. Things became too busy for the two of them to handle so foster homes were needed. Ideas for fund raising were discussed and implemented and they decided on the name “Little Paws Rescue Society”.

Over the years, Little Paws Rescue Society has gathered a talented and varied network of people; from those that foster and fundraise to those that use their wide range of contacts to keep everyone informed of any dog related situations. Little Paws Rescue Society works in cooperation with the S.P.C.A, animal shelters, veterinarians and other rescue groups.Little Paws photo

As the key players in Little Paws Rescue Society; Julia and Diana take seriously their responsibilities concerning this organization. At any given time you will find one or more dogs being fostered in their homes. As volunteers themselves, they work hard to understand and encourage the people volunteering with them. All monetary matters are handled by them. They take the lead and are directly involved in all decisions made in regards to the dogs coming into rescue, the dogs care, home checks and placements.

Public Awareness

Little Paws Rescue Society takes every opportunity to help people understand their responsibilities as dog owners.

We often take dogs to visit Senior Centers where we do demo agility and have people interact with the dogs if they so choose. You will find us participating in Pet Fairs and many other community events.

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Dogs In Our Care

We observe the dog with behavior and health issues in mind. we then place the dog into he fostered situation we feel most suitable.
We provide for all veterinarian care required.
This can include but is not limited to:
a spay/neuter
dental work
Occasionally a dog will need very expensive care, an example being knee surgery
We microchip the dog for long term ID
Our concern is that the dog should not be passed to another person without our approval.
When necessary, we have the dogs groomed.
We are fortunate to have someone who donates her time and skill.

We begin the search for a home by posting a picture and profile on our website.
We consider requests and applications.
Our goal is to match a dog to the most suitable applicant.
We do home checks and have prospective person meet the dog.
We place the dog in his/her permanent home.

We follow up to see all is going well!

Little Paws Rescue Society welcomes and appreciates any donations to help with medical expenses.

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