Meet our 2014 Cover Contest Winners

Jack and Jill



Jack and Jill have been a wonderful addition to our family since they were adopted in 2009 from the SPCA in Montreal, after a large raid on a horrific puppy mill. They suffered health and behavioral problems and suffered both physically and emotionally.


Framed_Jill_WPIs a lovable, intelligent and very affectionate Bichon. In the puppy mill she was used for breeding purposes and when we adopted her she was in such bad shape, her little belly was dragging on the ground from having had so many litters. Her veterinary doctor found her so pitiful that while spaying her he did a tummy tuck. At the time he assumed she was about 8 to 10 years old from the terrible shape she was in. She was missing teeth and had a large buildup of tartar on the ones she had left; she was also missing large patches of fur etc… You would never think that she is the same dog we adopted. Today she is a happy dog full of energy and loves to eat. Jill does not hesitate to open her mouth when there is food around. Anything goes. That is one of her favorite things to do, besides cuddling. She is a very vocal dog and has sounds for every emotion she is feeling. She is very playful and loves to wrestle mania with her brother Jack. The more you laugh the more she gets into it.  She is a real little clown.





Framed_Jack_WPIs a playful and curious Wire Fox Terrier blessed with a big stubborn streak that makes everyone laugh. When neutered the doctor assumed that he could have been about 3 or 4 years old. Jack had a lot of issues. He could barely walk, from being locked in a cage; he was very nervous, anxious and extremely afraid of the dark and the wind.  He did not trust people. With much patience, love and coaxing, he has grown into a brave boy. He loves squeaky toys, his favorite is his green froggy. Jack has become a cuddler in his older age. He loves eating fish, carrots, celery and cookies. He does not open his mouth to everything. He has to smell it first and make sure it is edible then he will take it.






Jack and Jill love to run on the beach at grandma’s house in the summer, especially when the tide is low and they can chase the sea gulls (of course the sea gulls always get away). They love their freedom. Jill loves running through the leaves, whereas Jack doesn’t really like stepping on leaves. Jill walks through muddy puddles, Jack will jump over them. In so many ways they are alike, but in so many ways they are different.

We are so happy to give these two precious dogs some enjoyment of life and we can see in their eyes and their affectionate ways that they are so thankful. Little do they know that they have brought us more love than we could ever bring to them.

“All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed.
For after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog.”
Charles M. Schulz