Reiki and Healing Effects on Animals


By Mari Omori and Sarah Janzen




Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that helps both humans and animals to heal on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word, and the translation is “Universal Life Force Energy”. A Reiki practitioner, who is attuned to Reiki, can access this energy and flow it into the client to activate the healing process. Reiki flows from the palms of the practitioner’s hands, and hands can be on the client or hovering over the client during a session.

Reiki is a safe and natural healing method that can be used at the same time with medical or other therapeutic treatments, because the energy flows to where it is needed for the body to heal.

The inspiration for Reiki was discovered by a Japanese monk, Mikao Usui in 1922, while completing a 21 day meditation on a mountain in Japan.

What are the Benefits of Reiki?Mari_and_Dog_Reiki_1

Alongside humans, our pets benefit from Reiki too! For pets, Reiki can:

• reduce pain in joints or discomforts from illnesses
• accelerate wound healing on injuries or post surgery
• soothe and calm rescue animals coming into a new forever home
• help the pet transition into the next world and helps the owner with grief

Reiki can heal physical discomfort

Links was a beautiful tuxedo cat who was as wide as he was long. He developed a strange skin issue that was resistant to several skin and allergy creams. He was extremely itchy and was chewing away his hair on and around the skin’s breakouts. The diagnosis was a skin allergy, however, none of the allergy medications were working. In fact, several had made Links very sick to his stomach.

Sarah worked on Link’s kidneys for three sessions. In animal Reiki the kidneys directly affect the skin. If there is a kidney blockage, it may show up in a variety of different unrelated physical symptoms. The Reiki will go to the source of the problem and heal the root issue.

Within one week, all the skin breakdown had healed. Unlike the allergy medications, there was no return of skin issues and Links showed no signs of irritation or skin breakdown again.

Animal Reiki is a great alternative to traditional medicines that may not find the root problem or may cause an unpleasant reaction for your pet.

When there is no choice but to use medications, animal Reiki can help with unpleasant side effects and increase the effectiveness of the medication. By improving the pet’s immune system, Reiki may shorten medication times and assist in recovery from illness or disease.

Reiki can treat behaviorial issues

Like people, animals express anxiety or discomfort in a variety of ways. Some animals may express their struggles through unwanted behaviors. These behaviors result when there is a blockage of energy flow through a particular chakra or energy center. Each of these centers are associated with emotions and therefore, have emotional and behavioral issues attached. Too much energy in a chakra may lead to extreme dominance or aggression and too little may result in an overly submissive or fearful pet.

Stella is a beautiful dog with the sweetest heart. Unfortunately, during the first 8 years of her life she was severely abused. When her new family decided to try pet Reiki, Stella had a debilitating fear of people. She was unable to look at or remain in the room with someone she did not know.

Sarah sent Reiki energy to Stella’s safety and security chakra, also know as the Root chakra located at the base of the tail. Within two session, Stella progressed to making extended eye contact and relaxing in a room with someone she did not know. Giving Stella Reiki allows her to have short breaks from her constant state of fight or flight, allowing her to heal and to learn to trust again.

Reiki can soothe emotions

Mari and Cassi the HorseWith permission from the stable owner, Mari walked around offering Reiki to the herd, but they all politely refused by stepping aside from the flow of Reiki. Only one horse, Cassi, was interested. Stepping up to Cassi, Mari offered her open palms and began flowing Reiki. Cassi moved closer and placed her left cheek right up against one of Mari’s hands. Within several minutes, Cassi’s eyes began to droop slowly, and her body swayed from side to side and began to look sleepy. A positive sign that Reiki was working. During the entire time, Mari felt Cassi take an immense amount of Reiki. After half an hour, Cassi signaled she had enough by stepping away and shaking her mane. After the session Mari and the owner discussed how Cassi responded to the treatment. The owner commented she wasn’t surprised Cassi was interested in Reiki, as this horse had experienced an emotional hardship with a previous owner, along with a history of events that stalled the healing process. Intuitively, Cassi knew that Reiki would help soothe her emotions. Animals in need of healing will be drawn to the flow of Reiki and will step closer or stay in close range of the practitioner. The animal will physically remove themselves away from the flow of Reiki to signal that they have received the right amount of healing for the session. The stable owner later reported that Cassi spent the rest of the afternoon in a state of absolute bliss!

Reiki can help senior pets with transitioning

Minnie, an elderly cat, had her health decline suddenly. Minnie’s owner immediately contacted Mari for healing assistance. Mari tuned into her intuition to check if Minnie really wanted Reiki. Mari received Yes as an answer, which was surprising because on previous occasions, Minnie never was interested in Reiki but her other feline roommate, Teela, was happy to soak it up.

When Mari offered Reiki to Minnie, she immediately began to purr and tried to move closer. Mari flowed Reiki to the elderly cat for an entire hour. Intuitively Mari could feel Minnie’s body shutting down, more specifically, her kidneys felt like they stopped working. Throughout the entire session, Teela never tried to paw or meow for attention like she usually does. Teela quietly sat still next to Minnie, as if to hold vigil for her. There was a sad look in Teela’s eyes that she understood it was time for Minnie to transition. After the session ended, Mari told Minnie’s owner she had to take her cat to the vet.

The vet confirmed that Minnie’s kidneys had stopped working, and there was nothing else they could do but put her to sleep. Minnie’s owner called Mari, to ask if she could tune into Minnie’s spirit to confirm if she was ready to leave this world. Mari, a Psychic

Medium, tuned into her Spirit Guides and received a firm Yes as the answer. This confirmation helped the owner to make a very hard decision. Minnie peacefully slipped into the Spirit World later that evening. Using her psychic mediumship abilities, Mari checked in intuitively to ensure Minnie’s spirit crossed over into the Spirit World smoothly. A part of Minnie must have known that Reiki would help with the transition process, and was open to a session at a turning point in her life. Minnie’s owner, was grateful for getting guidance and confirmation on what would be, a difficult decision.

Reiki has incredible amount of benefits for your furry family members, and they will definitely let the Reiki practitioner know if they need some healing by moving closer. In all sessions, it is up to the animals to decide how much and how long they need Reiki. Note that not all Reiki practitioners are intuitives or psychic mediums. Mari and Sarah are naturally intuitive and developed their abilities over time. Becoming Reiki Masters has certainly opened up their intuitive skills even more to help both people and animals, and they continue to take joy in being channels for Reiki.

Dog and Horse Photos courtesy of Mari Omori